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Online presentation studio

Corona Proof (PHD) thesis defence

mbp screen

Look good on the conference call

And live stream at the same time

We can stream your presentation and defence in fullHD quality, in that way your friends, colleagues and relatives can watch it live. Of course it is not the same as having them there with you, but we believe it is the next best thing.

The price is not a secret.
499 euro. All-inclusive

including VAT ( € 412,40 ex VAT)

Complete package:

Multi Camera setup

We use professional cameras connected to professional hardware, for reliability and flexibility.  

Big screen for your powerpoint

Or keynote, or whatever. You just plug in your own computer, and it will be displayed on the big screen behind you. We can also send it directly to the conference call and livestream.

Professional lighting and microphones

To make sure everybody can hear you loud and clear, we use state of the art microphones. We also equiped the studio with the latest LED studio lights.  

Recording and Livestream

We can stream your presentation and give you a link to share with everyone you want. Also, if you want we can make an high resolution recording.

Conference call

The committee will join the defence in a conference call. We are platform independent, so we can use the software you prefer.


An operator is included for the duration of the defence. This way you don’t have to worry about anything.


The thesis studio is located in Eindhoven, on Strijp-S. We use a location of Never Ever Blue.

Klokgebouw 240
5651GW Eindhoven


Contact Us

Thesis Studio is a brand of Big Bang Showproductions. A theatre and event technologies company from Eindhoven. You can reach us (in Dutch or English) at:



Or we can call you if you want: